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  2. Official IXEG forum now open!

    Thanks for the tip! Works like a charm! Now if we could only use the bird in a Cold and Dark state in XP11. It is kind of a humorous bug to watch your parked aircraft slowly slide off into the sunset.
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  4. Anybody got an idea?

    He did, twice Sent from my SM-P900 using Tapatalk
  5. Something wrong?

    Thanks guys Sent from my SM-P900 using Tapatalk
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  7. CPFlight IXEG Plugin

    OK, folks. Two days later and we have a new CPFlight MCP panel plugin that's ready for alpha testing. Win64 only, for now. Config file for the IXEG 733, but actually it's easy to adapt to other planes. I'm looking for a small number of volunteers that would like to test the plugin - and get a free version. 737NUT already has it and tells me that it's looking OK. Who else? Jorg
  8. Official IXEG forum now open!

    Thanks everyone. I'll give this a shot on my next flight tonight and report back if that solved the issue.
  9. DIR TO bug 1.0.7

    It is not the a/c (aircraft?) folder you need to exclude. It is the entire /xplane 10/ folder you must exclude. Most importan to exclude it on windows DEFENDER
  10. DIR TO bug 1.0.7

    Well, I must continue this topic as I also encounter freezing FMC although I have made this antivirus exclude a/c folder. Many times LNAV got lost after DIRECT to and recently flying online froze 1 minute and I had to disconnect (I was angry because it was anniversary flying on IVAO and the controler only asked me "I guess it is X-plane?"). B733 is my first choice like FF b767 and I must say your FMC is not reliable, I'm sorry I fly mainly online and it is very frustrating to freeze then.... I really hope you will fix FMC in 1.1 update. And please don't say "so many pilots and no problems so far" Maybe they don't have Flight Factor planes? This features are more important to me than Vnav- I don't need this - but RELIABILITY FIRST PLEASE. Good night Marcin
  11. Saab 340 Engines not starting

    The Saab is not compatible with XP11 yet. Once XP11 goes out of beta, we'll start working on an update to make the Saab compatible.
  12. Something wrong?

    Just showing that there are always multiple ways to do something
  13. Something wrong?

    now you're showing off
  14. Official IXEG forum now open!

    I've found those values restoring N1 idling at 22%: low idle = 0.88 and high idle = 1.16. I have simply doubled the previous figures. You can try after making a backup of the original .acf file. Cheers.
  15. Saab 340 Engines not starting

    Could I possibly go back to beta 11?
  16. Saab 340 Engines not starting

    Yeah, that's what I'm running. Hopefully they'll fix this in the next beta or final release.
  17. Something wrong?

    Jan did it with the actual cosinus. I did it with the rule of thumb. thats why the 2kts difference. But either way is correct
  18. Something wrong?

    There is always something we can learn BTW this computation is done in every commercial airliner not just this bird
  19. Something wrong?

    Boeing recommends to add half of the headwind component + the full gust factor. The minimum additional to the Vref is 5, the maximum is 20 kts. So the additional for you would have been cos(75deg) * 31/2 + 9 = 4 + 9 = 13. Your approach speed would be Vref (140) + speed additional (13) = 153. You would fly this value (153) until passing the threshhold, then bleed of the steady wind component but keep the full gust factor. Target touchdown is 149. Jan
  20. Something wrong?

    And I was so proud to know what I already know about this bird... there's definitely some stuff left in the to do bucket for me
  21. Official IXEG forum now open!

    This seems to be a result of a new jet-engine tuning for pb12 of XP11. The engines idle too low, and can not accelerate from this low RPM. You can adjust that in planemaker: Open "Plane Maker.exe" in the main X-Plane folder. Click File - then Open then load the IXEG 737-300 Click "Standard" then "Engine Specs" find the "lo idle fuel adjustment" and increase the value until the idle RPM is about 22%N1. (I don´t have this installed on my laptop, but the current value is probably 0.6 and you may want to increase it to 1.1 or so...) Hope this helps, Jan
  22. Saab 340 Engines not starting

    if you are running xp11 beta 12 engines may not start, this beta is broken. otherwise please provide more details for help
  23. Saab 340 Engines not starting

    Here are my resources. Try my checklist. Here's a video I made that has gotten good comments:
  24. Skymaxx pro 4.0.1 + xp 11 beta 11 sudden fps cut in half?

    Personally I haven't seen any hit (or improvement) with beta 11 or 12. But if the beta versions of X-Plane and your driver versions are changing, and SMP is not, I think I'd first point the finger of blame at one of them for performance changes. The weather conditions that happen to be in place when you fly can cause a lot of variation in performance as well. Your system is pretty much identical to mine, by the way - but I'm not overclocking. I've always encountered weird stability problems when doing so.
  25. My Oculus Rift is on loan to some contractors, but if I get it back I'll take a look. I suspect the cloud rendering technique we and P3D use has some smoke and mirrors that VR exposes a bit more. There is a longer-term effort to produce a new option for cloud rendering in SMP that may be more VR-friendly, but it's too soon to really talk about it.
  26. Anybody got an idea?

    hi Tom, my install file weights 10 mb, may be your downloaded file is corrupted? try to dowload the installer again
  27. Something wrong?

    Your welcome. There is always a lot to learn JN aviation
  28. Official IXEG forum now open!

    I doubt it. The aircraft flies very well for me (XP11pb12).
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