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  2. Engine rating

    Hmmm. I'll investigate this "can't detect quit" issue... Hopefully sim/operation/quit is called, or something similar.
  3. [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    So you're going to buy me a VR rig then? It may not be expensive to you but it is beyond my budget for the foreseeable future. I have two kids to raise...
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  5. [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    I can appreciate the reluctance to dedicate precious development time for a very small niche market. But the gear is not all that expensive and when X-Plane releases native VR it's going to explode. I paid 399€ for my Rift and it has transformed simming for me. I have done the initial tutorials on the 737 and don't find a problem in controlling the cockpit with the mouse and PlaneCommand. It is the CDU to kills me. I read that the FF 767 has a popup CDU and a remote connection to an iPad. I'm going to investigate further... Sorry I am raising such a fuss about this but I can't go back to the flat screen. Sure, I could buy a whole new computer and 3 big monitors and fly in 2D - but even that wouldn't be the same...... I still love your plane.
  6. Spoilers Instantly Popping Up

    Thanks Jan for the additional information. I've seen similar partial spoilers extensions on bumpy landings in real world videos. But I was not sure about the logic involved on it. Now with your explanation about wheel spin and gear strut full compression, makes total sense. This makes me amaze even more about the level of detail involved in the IXEG 737. As it reproduce all this logic perfectly (except sometimes on replays). Yesterday I did further testing, and the spoilers animation was perfect during replay mode on XP11.10. I've still not found any explanation why sometimes work, sometimes don't.
  7. XP 11.10 final

    I’m not expecting any certain date ofcourse, I understand how time consuming it is and you all have your personal lifes too. just wondering if it can be done in 2018 or are they much more complicated than that?
  8. XP 11.10 final

    Hi, I am not going to stick my neck out with any predictions about the remaining FMS work - but it is high on our priority list. The flightmodelchanges in 11.10 are not something you will notice, likely. They don´t take effect yet (since you are not running a re-saved .acf) and the new (re-saved) .acf is adapting to the flightmodel changes, so the plane will fly just like pre-11.10 . Cheers, Jan
  9. Version 2 Request

    Too bad it's turboprop that will be honored with XP 11.10. Much more realistic.
  10. XP 11.10 final

    Hello Jan. Does holds, offset and better vnav calculations are in your high priority list(if there is something like that)? Should we expect them on 2018(early/mid/late?) and one more thing, will you be changing flight model to suit 11.10 or will you leave it as it is?
  11. Version 2 Request

    Too early to tell. We're looking at moving into the jet field after the Citation and V2 of the Saab. We'll get the current batch of projects out and then take a look at the state of things.
  12. [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    Yes, saving a situation will not save the whole state of the plane. Instead you could program everything, leave the plane running, and then switch to VR. Current VR hardware is not good enough to really fly realistically. The resolution is too low, the gear is too heavy and interaction with the 3D cockpit is in it´s infancy (I own a Rift). We are not going to spend time to work around these limitations - hardware needs to improve to become usable in this regard. I totally understand if you don´t want to use our 737 with the headset, but when the next generations arrive in a year or two, you can take a second look and then hopefully enjoy it! Cheers, Jan
  13. Engine rating

    We are looking at it - one way to avoid it is to not change the sound settings in the IXEG plane (keep them all at 100%). Another way is to not exit the simulator straight, but load another aircraft, first. We do "clean up" when you exit the 737, but if you quit X-Plane right away, we can not do it. Jan
  14. XP 11.10 final

    2018. I don´t know if you read the previous info, but don´t expect too much from this interim patch. The only thing you will probably notice is added reflections for the cockpit instruments. Beyond that it is some stability fixes to the FMS, but nothing else. Certainly not enough to mash your refresh button constantly . Jan
  15. Version 2 Request

    Just been reading the latest Saab 340 brochure. Sooooo any chance of a Saab 340bPlus-WT.. Bigger engines, higher performance and enhanced short field capabilities. Sounds like a beast and the version several military units are going with....please Then there is the corporate interior and the maritime surveillance version hmmmm. Well just asking! Will be very happy to pay extra monies for version 2 either way.
  16. Engine rating

    In the next patch, could you fix the bug that after the IXEG loading, all the sound level setting in X-Plane change? Only IXEG aircraft do this.... Inviato dal mio SM-G900F utilizzando Tapatalk
  17. Roadmap

    Hello, After this great 737-300, I was just wondering if there was any new aircraft on the IXEG roadmap . Maybe a 737-800 ? thank you Gregory
  18. [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    If you want to buy me a VR headset and a machine to run it on I'll personally make this happen. The reality is that VR hardware is both expensive and rare. A very small (unknown) % of users own it now and the uptake is slow. We must serve the majority of users first. You all collectively make any returns possible. Serving a niche sub set of users is not a wise use of resources. We're not a AAA games studio with an entire building floor dedicated to our work. We're a team of individuals spread all over the planet mostly working second jobs to subsidize our X-Plane developments. It's hard to justify the investment in something like a VR headset and GPU when you're already subsiding just being able to publish the product at all. Thanks for your understanding. Not trying to pour cold water on your request, just stating the reality of the situation.
  19. Maxx FX and VR FlyInside

    Ok thx
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  21. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    In land, It´s very hard to brake the airplane, and the screen tremble a lot.
  22. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    You can't go above 260 kts indicated airspeed at any altitude. The autopilot will try to pitch to not go faster than that, if you don't reduce the power. If you have seen somewhere published speeds above 260 then this is not indicated airspeed, the one you can see in the PFD. They are either True Airspeed or Ground Speed. Quoting Wikipedia Here says 400 knots at FL310. This number is True Airspeed (TAS), not Indicated Airspeed (IAS). Using as base the standard atmosphere, 400 knots TAS at FL310 is 250 knots IAS. Just to add on that, if wind is calm then your TAS is also your Ground Speed (GS). GS=TAS without wind! They are using TAS, for range/endurance calculation purposes. Given that speed, fuel load, and a typical fuel flow, you can have a rough estimate of the range that you can fly. So, the speed you can fly through the air should not be greater than 250 knots. That speed in high altitude could even exceed 400 knots above the ground. Hope it was helpful!
  23. XP 11.10 final

    That looks like an ATI Graphics card driver issue. Did you download and install the most recent ATI driver for your card?
  24. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Do nothing. Just close the window. Thanks. I like this airplain a lot. I think it cruise speed is more than 300 kt. In the sim when I go faster than 250 the airplane goes uncontroled
  25. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Do nothing. Just close the window.
  26. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Hello. When selected the p 180 it ask for X aviation licensing. User and password. ¿What have I to do? Thanks
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