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  2. dima436393

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Hello. There is a problem with start-up engines SAAB 340A_1.5.1 .It's often impossible to start the engines, the ITT does not increase and I have to restart x-plane.How to solve this problem? (Sorry for my english)
  3. madair

    Skymaxx Pro v3/XP11

    Thanks John Will give it a try.
  4. JohnMAXX

    Skymaxx Pro v3/XP11

    It may work, but i think you'll potentially run into some graphics annomolies...It couldnt hurt to try... V4 was developed for the changes in xp11
  5. madair

    Skymaxx Pro v3/XP11

    I have Skymaxx v3 which I ran with XP10. I have just purchased XP11 . Does v3 work with XP11? The discounts on V4 were only for short time and I would need to pay full amount now. V3 would do me for time being if it works. Can anyone advise please?
  6. Airnation 738 out of Ronald Reagan Airport Washington with the Potomac route showing off the Capitol:
  7. hahahahhaha thanks Bryan.
  8. nechrofaust

    Problem during climb

    Hello @Goran_M and @Bryan @ The Aviation Agenc First of all thanks for your help. I found what the problem was. Few weeks ago I downloaded a Lua script that simulates icing condition. Thats script was causing problems with the aircraft cause even if you had all de-icings activated plane fell after a few minutes flying. I deleted the script and the problem is gone. Great aircraft Thank you very much and sorry for this.
  9. Red Barron

    Throttle idle help

    I find that when captured on the ILS and I disengage the auto pilot and auto throttle the thrust levers are not immediately responsive unless I aggressively move the joystick throttle back and forth until there is a response. Is this a bug...has anybody experienced this?
  10. marpilot

    fuel remaining g1000

    Well, also new update of LittleNavMap features "collect performance for flight" so you can have exact fuel plan
  11. The Hotstart TBM relies on the X-Plane G1000 and not the real life G1000. There are missing options in the X-Plane G1000 so reading that manual is your first stop. Did you check this out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnOUxBdM2m4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF-kBdBgoWU It may not contain all the information you are seeking.
  12. Tchou

    Issue with Random failures

    Hello, I ran into an issue today on stream, I had an engine fire, and managed to land in the end, but that's not the issue, The Issue is that the fire didn't show up in the maintenance manager (but the tire blown did). here is the video of what happened https://www.twitch.tv/mrtchou/clip/StormyBigManateeCoolStoryBro and once on Ground I went for the damages and found nothing in the maintenance manager. the failure was only in the failure window but nothing was broken. (except a tire blown) you can find attached the log.txt file that I saved. Poof log.txt
  13. I work for 10 Tanker Air Carrier, we are experimenting using X Plane 11 with the Oculus VR for Tactical flight training for our pilots. I would appreciate any help to find a DC10 with VR capabilities and a 3D Cockpit. 10 Tanker Gear will be rewarded for any help, and of course i am willing to pay for the file. Thank you. Zachary
  14. Yesterday
  15. Bryan @ The Aviation Agenc

    Applied too much reverse thrust, plane tipped back and broke something

    When I tested my reverse thruster the first time... I totally flipped the plane... I had just landed... went max reverse... and boom ... flipped it ass down... crack. Totalled it... broke the frame... the tail... the lights... the pressure cabin... banged up the wings... the gear.... ... totally busted. Ooops. Thankfully my insurance covered it when I deleted the airframe and assigned a new one.
  16. Bryan @ The Aviation Agenc

    fuel remaining g1000

    The fuel calc is F'ed... and it's something in the xplane interface on the G1000. I calculate fuel using simbrief.com and I look at the GPH in flight... to figure out what my optimal cruise N2 has to be... usually between 95 and 99% depending on the ISA and the altitude. The CUM on the G1K in Xplane is basically correct... so I look at the GPH and look at the CUM time to destination... and do some quick math... I know in gallons how much the 45-minute reserve is... (or whatever you're flying)... and I usually add in a 20-minute route contingency as well... again - simbrief can do all this for you. Simbrief can also give you like the basic TOD/BOD and ascendency parameters as well... it's a nifty little planning tool for sims if you haven't seen it... (it's similar in many respects to professional IFR planners... but simbrief cannot be used in any way for real navigation...) It seems like if the journey is more than like 700 nm... your G1000 calculations are going to show you always bingo (or less) fuel... in the Vision Jet... if you fly from KMSP to KORD or KPWK... the fuel it says will be remaining is off by as much as 100%.... The little fuel rings (the green band ring and the green and black ring) are also dicked up... again... I presume that's Xplane and not Hotstart... since I see it in other aircraft. Bryan
  17. RXPAHC1

    fuel remaining g1000

    thanks,just wanted to know if iam doing something wrong
  18. marpilot

    fuel remaining g1000

    You are right, today I flew for 1000nm (3.5 hrs) and at top of descend it showed - 120 lb (?) while I had 130 gallons onboard (finished with 120 gal). Ii was bete7 test, but I think in xp11.26 it was also an issue. Love that plane anyway Cheers
  19. julian1992


    is there another driver you can recommend ?
  20. RXPAHC1

    fuel remaining g1000

    the fuel remaining on the g1000 shows the wrong amount ,way lower than fuel in tanks,it seems like its reading one tanl in the tbm 900 is this default xplane g1000 issue or tbm900 thanks for reply
  21. Litjan

    Not transparent square on the window

    Thanks for the heads-up. I will try again on my side (also running b7)... Cheers, Jan
  22. ionfresko

    Lulea to Stockholm zibo 737

    Hi all, a new video!
  23. ual763

    Not transparent square on the window

    Hey Jan, I was getting this issue too. It does seem to be caused by the 11.30 beta. I am currently running b7. To answer the question you asked previously, I tried to disable the "show vortices" option and the issue is still there. Regards, Rob
  24. Bryan @ The Aviation Agenc

    TBM home cockpit builder, let's have a loooook at new staff

    This... and someone making a joystick thingy to simulate the TBM 900 throttle and center console... ... and shut up and take my money. WOOO!
  25. Bryan @ The Aviation Agenc

    Problem during climb

    Before asking a bunch of questions... Are you a sim pilot or have you actually flown in real life? What you are describing... can indeed happen... but I'm really quite confused on this one. First obvious question is what's the TCAS say? Assuming you have the AP Trims properly engaged (that switch to the left of the ELT)... in a real G1000/3K system, the AP disconnect is going to happen only when the data coming into the G1000 avionics system doesn't match what the GPS system is telling it about height/speed/pitch... etc. If you get a mismatch like that... then the AP will automatically disconnect and you'll get a AFCS error and usually a bunch more caution and warnings - airspeed, pitch, altitude, etc., mismatches. Second... Now since you're talking about having your de-ice stuff on... I assume that's because you're flying in known icing conditions? I will say this... I've NEVER been able to make the alleged de-icing capabilities of simulated aircraft work in Xplane... doesn't matter if it's the TBM or whatever. I've intentionally tried taking off in known icing (I fly out of KMSP and KFCM - so it's freezing here all the time)... and the planes always... ALWAYS... go face down in the dirt right at takeoff... The Cirrus planes have TKS.. aka the "weeping wing" of propylene glycol... the TBM has I believe a pneumatic boot and electrics on the prop and trim surfaces. I've done proper de-icing conditions... Planes still go flippity flop right off the runway... with a nice error message from Xplane saying, "You died dumbass - too much ice on the wings." I flew the Vision Jet a few days ago... in known IMC icing... and started the deicing immediately... and it looked like the ice was gone (wasn't all bright white)... Kapow... still died as soon as I tried to lift off... the plane literally did a freaking cartwheel down 12R and I crashed landed about 200 feet before a 320 at the terminal (I use x-life as well). Now obviously if it had been real life... and I saw that much ice on the wings... wouldn't have taken off... but the game fooled me. Soooooo... I've concluded that whatever goes on with the sim on icing... either a) I'm doing it wrong... or b) the sim is just kitty wampus ... It's a sim... not reality land... so I just roll with it. Take a video of trying to take off so we can watch it.... that would tell us more... Bryan
  26. Goran_M

    Problem during climb

    This is definitely a new one and one we haven't seen. Just out of curiosity, can you post your log.txt and TBM900_log.txt files
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