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  2. XPJavelin

    Speedy Copilot

    Hi, I will provide again a full download with version 3 once I have finished the documentation update and when work allows. Now it is possible to set copilot options like flaps settings for landing. It is now possible to set them in the xplane menu. Also, we have now slowed down the copilot for various procedures, using os.clock without totally removing simplicity in the mean time... :-)
  3. Yesterday
  4. Looking nice, and you got this forum buzzing again, bin dead for so long. Must admit I dont know how to get the props out of feather position. Might need to do a little simple start procedure. I can only presume if props indicate Beta they are still feathered. Could you also animate the feather buttons, the hand appears but since buttons dont seem to move I cant tell wheter I am doing anything or not. Once i get past that ill be back to enjoying this plane again, Thanks again. Got past that step. Missed a little thing, Still if you can animate the feather button. Little thing.
  5. old school vs. new school.
  6. Seems I remember Jeff Favignano mentioning that the sounds were the same inside and outside....and lamented the lack of FMOD sounds in the Moo. The Moo will be getting FMOD sounds....but I'm not sure whats going on with the current openAL implementation. Looks like the default King Air has the same behavior. SOOO....I'll remove the code that adjusts the sliders....and live with what we have till I get new sounds in for V2.0
  7. I think I have a sound issue...the following settings...yield the EXACT same sounds and volume levels for me inside and outside the aircraft. Anybody else seeing that? I might need to test this on another machine; however, I'm going to remove the code I added to adjust the sliders and that might fix it for everybody else. -tkyler
  8. I'll look into it...I know what you're talking about. I saw an issue with my X-Plane 11.20 whereby going from inside view to outside view had NO change on the sounds. The exterior and interior sliders were always low.....and so I hard coded in the change, BUT tried to honor any slider settings. I might be having sound issues on my platform that others don't, making me implement corrections to problems others don't have. I'll dig back into this and look at it again. -tkyler
  9. I've got the fuel controller adjustments implemented at baseline. I have to do some flight testing to capture the flat rating correctly at altitude before I release though. Sorry for the short delay, but the improvement in engine accuracy should be much nicer. Thx again StevePHL for catching that...too much testing on the ground only. I"ll peek at the FF and EGT stuffs as well. -tkyler
  10. Keep in mind that X-Plane 11 allows for aircraft-specific input profiles. It could be that you have accidentally assigned a profile to the IXEG which has no (or an incorrect) mapping of the throttle axis. Can you check if there are any profiles other than the default and if one of them is assigned to the IXEG? However, deleting the prefs should have taken care of this. But who knows...
  11. Hi, I've attached the log. Deleting all my preferences didn't work. I've also updated my drivers for the HOTAS and it didn't work. It's also worth noting that when in autothrottle the display in the corner shows the physical position of my throttle at 0 while x plane in the control menu can clearly detect my throttle movements. I would, therefore, suggest that there is a disparity between what x plane receives and what the IXEG receives. Thanks Josh Log.txt
  12. Unfortunately, I have only read the e-mail. Solved. Best regards.
  13. airfighter

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Currently those items are X-Plane default. I've made them as big as possible in the texture, but X-Plane renders them too small, as the line too, with no option for customisation. The only way to "fix" this is to do a fully custom nav map. This is something I'm looking to do sometime in the future, since even Proline map scale, does not match the typical of other airliners.
  14. @OT2 It shouldn't be too bad once we get used to it, John. I think it just boils down to starting the engines normally, then leaving the condition levers in taxi and bringing the throttles to full reverse for a moment to release the lock pins. Slightly trickier if you want to start the plane again after a shut down without prop lock engaged.
  15. RobertErdman

    Issues with XEnviro 1.08

    Thanks for the prompt response. Great airplanes! Regards, Bob
  16. Ben Russell

    Issues with XEnviro 1.08

    xEnviro team have identified the issue as their own and the fix will have to come from their side. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/149092-xe-and-gizmo/&tab=comments#comment-1428322
  17. Thanks StevePHL and tkyler. I have found that it is, in fact a failure to take the props off the locks. I have studied and seem to have gotten them off as I am now flying (autopilot!). That is not a straight forward procedure... at least in my understanding the manual. I had to study lots of online stuff before doing what seems to be right. Anyway, thanks for your help and I will work more with it and try to understand what I have done. John
  18. Glad it's not just me. I've noticed too that sometimes one goes to full max sound, and the other stays as is, and other times one goes to full minimum, while the other one goes to full maximum. I'm being intentionally vague here without identifying whether it's happening with the exterior or the interior sound slider, because it's randomly happening to both. There is no trend. Unfortunately, this is a no go for me, and she's going back into the hangar for now. It's too irritating to have to keep going into the main sound menu and fix this everytime you look at an exterior view. Tim
  19. RobertErdman

    Issues with XEnviro 1.08

    Any status updates for this issue? Regards, Bob
  20. Hi Josh, can you post your LOG.TXT file (you will find it in your main X-Plane directory) after running the IXEG 737 and then shutting down X-Plane? Maybe that will give us a hint. If all else fails, delete all your preferences https://www.x-plane.com/kb/deleting-preferences/ and see if that helps? Other than that, I am totally out of ideas... :-( Maybe you can find someone really tech, hardware and X-Plane savvy that could take a look? I am sure it is something easy that we are missing, but its very hard to diagnose this sort of thing over the forums. Good luck, Jan
  21. Pierdail

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Hi, Could include in your next update, the increase of the luminosity of the FMS track and the police size for the point's name, as on the photo (real airplane) for better visibility
  22. Christoph_T

    Socata TBM-900 New Exterior Previews!

    I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop teasing and give to us NOW :-D
  23. Ok so I reset all of my controls and unplugged my flight stick, neither of them worked and throttle remains unresponsive. Autothrottle modes work but manual throttle doesn't do a thing. Thanks again.
  24. I'm having great fun (and more than a share of frustration !) building networked panels for the IXEG using Air Manager. I've focused first on most used functionality. My centre (engine instruments) panel is running nicely and I'm working now on the overhead, and to customise flight instruments to better match the 733. To add to some other posts there are a few holes in the data availability I can't plug either directly or with a workaround. Plan A is to use shared cockpit software to display the EADI and EHSI. Plan B is a clockwork Southwest-style cockpit. I've seen past comment in the forum about a dataref for the Flight Director bars - has that been progressed at all? Also search as I might with the dataref tool I can't find anything covering Thrust Modes and Yaw Damper, are they available? Thanks again IXEG team. I've been tempted away temporarily a couple of times by other younger birds, but keep coming back to the good-old Classic. Cheers Jon
  25. airfighter

    Function already registered for timers

    LOL man! Seen that on facebook too! Thanks!
  26. Litjan

    Crashes With World Traffic And Without

    Hi bronco, please try to run without any other plugins installed, and also try to fly in a remote area (like in TXKF Bermuda Intl) - usually this is due to a conflict with other plugins or a memory exhaustion because people run with an excessive load of ortho scenery. This will happen primarily with detailed custom aircraft, as they are more memory intensive than the default aircraft. Also please post your full log file LOG.TXT so we can take a look at what you are loading and where the problem may be. Cheers, Jan
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