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  3. [Merged] xEnviro

    Are you guys getting CTDs with default XE clouds and shaders? Or is your XE modded? AND, please report your bug to XE ticket system. They say, they haven't got any reports recently. Gesendet von meinem SM-T810 mit Tapatalk
  4. Rectangles in the window.

    Going to FL370. I noticed some rectangles in the window. This is normal? Thank you!
  5. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    So I retried if it wasn't my long password that was causing the trouble. Shortened it to 10 chars (no spaces or special characters), downloaded latest Saab 340 (installer accepted my username + password, no issues whatsoever, and proceeded to download), fired up X-Plane 11, entered the credentials, it spins and ... nothing. I fire up Wireshark, now I see it's contacting two scripts: authenticate.php: responds with "result":true,"msg":"<<hexblob>>" products.php: responds with "result":false,"msg":"Access Denied.","err_code":403 So, I don't know what's going on. Obviously my username + password are being accepted, but then it still fails. It's no local file permissions problem (already checked that) and no problem my account being locked down. I tried the Saab 340 on Windows under XP11 and it worked (although during the activation, it froze the sim for like 3 minutes and ate 100% of one CPU core doing... something, I have no idea). At this point, I'm out of ideas.
  6. Battery switch in flight

    Sooo I was in cruise and wanted to try out what happens if you switch the battery to off. I was thinking it would just disconnect the battery, disabling backup functions and charging. I figured out afterwards that I was wrong on the charging, that happens no matter what. Also it's not just backup, everything on the Switched Hot Battery Bus is then unpowered, if I read it right. In the IXEG however, all power was lost as the generators were also kicked off their buses. I could turn the switch back on and reconnect the generators, but I lost alignment on the INS units (as they lost both AC and DC) and I lost pressurization (that could have been me misinterpreting things and making it worse myself, so maybe ignore this). This also caused a huge speed to be displayed in the MCP speed window until I adjusted it, as seen in:
  7. Yesterday
  8. AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    Hello is this available for download?
  9. [Merged] xEnviro

    First, ist a very good airplane and I like it very much. With Flightfactor B767, A350 and x-enviro I never had a CTD. Now I bought the B737-300 and first 3 flights all ended with CTD. It crashed, when downloading the weather. Today with x-organizer I disabled xenviro. Flight maybe 2 hours. Landing also no CTD. But when taxiing to the gate, CTD, no Messages, nothing in the log.txt. Not sure, the reason is xenviro, because it was not enabled. The weather Radar was off, because after landing. Windows also Shows no cricital Events. The whole XP Folder is excluded from AV-Scans.
  10. Skymaxx - No Clouds

    Please submit a support ticket - I think there are some MacOS versions where you need to uncompress the installer using stuffit expander or something like that. I'm not a Mac guy so I don't know the details myself.
  11. Livery List & Requests

    Hello, I have also a request.. maybe a Tunisair paint. Would be awesome.
  12. VMax 777 not appearing

    Hello! I installed VMax 777 in the correct folder, but the aircraft does not appear in the Flight Configuration/Aircraft menu.. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Do we need to request a "Red button" from Jan ? Anyway, something like this ? If you set the service interphone to "ON" you force the MTBF to 5 minutes in this test. I could maybe increase it to 10min.
  14. Skymaxx - No Clouds

    Solved, thank you. Next Problem. I cannot install SoundMaxx. Popup: Installer payload initialization failed...incomplete file.. I downloaded the file twice with different sollution. Thanks again for your help André
  15. Crashes X-Plane 10 10.51 & Saab 1.4.1

    There is nothing in the logs to indicate the Saab is causing a problem. You are running (3) AI aircraft as well as (2) plugins (X-Enviro and XPUIPC). My only suggestion at this point is that you remove the plugins and decrease the AI aircraft to zero, then see what happens.
  16. Last week
  17. I'm experiencing crashes with the Saab 1.4.1 and X-Plane 10 10.51r2 I'm aware of the CRS-2 related crash and I am not using any function related to CRS 2 in the sim. I've tried removing the vast majority of my plug-ins, as well as turning off ATC and AI traffic. I've flown the flight in other aircraft to make sure it wasn't a faulty scenery. The crashes don't seem to be tied to any particular location or action within the sim. Sometimes it crashes when I load in at the airport and other times I am able to complete nearly the entire flight. I've reviewed the Log and GizmoLog on my own and can't make heads or tails of what is happening. If you could please have a look at the attached logs from one of the recent crashes and give me recommendation on how to proceed I would appreciate it. Also, thank you for this aircraft, it is my favorite model in all flight-simming and I'm looking forward to getting it back into working order. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  18. Well I'd prefer it to be constant to be honest or even an increased chance at the start, as a failure shortly after takeoff is more uhmm.. intense. Also unless you set the MTBF really low you're not really going to hit the "above MTBF" phase. So instead I'd suggest some button (or dataref) that you can hit to cause a random failure in the next 5 or 10 minutes or so. That way you do have a way to trigger a fault quickly (if you are bored or want an interesting takeoff/landing) but still be somewhat surprised by it and don't have to lower the MTBF to ridiculous levels.
  19. Testing out some new tweaks on the MTBF-code. This is for now just a test, but I tried to smooth out the MTBF a little. So what I have done is to make the failures less chance to happend if your flight time is below the MTBF you have set, and equal higher chance when you are above the MTBF. What do you think ? The result is this OLD: NEW:
  20. Messy progress page after cycling

    Thanks Jan - It doesn't bother me much to be honest, but I thought I'd report it anyway.
  21. MCP speed setting problems (733 v1.2)

    The way I was taught to fly the classics was with a fixed set of speeds for average weight. Clean/210 Flap1/190 Flap5/170 Flap15/gear-down/150 Flap25/Vref+5. For heavy weights add 10 knots to all speeds. Set flaps 10kts above previous flap speed, for example from 250kts: set speed 190, when passing 220 set flap 1. Hope this helps! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. The upcoming SMP 4.6 release will address performance in stormy conditions in other ways, too.
  23. Messy progress page after cycling

    Hi Nuno, and thanks for the nice words... The PROG page is still pretty much work-in-progress and we plan to finish it in a future update. Enjoy what is there already, but we don´t claim that it is fully functional (or even half ;-)) Cheers, Jan
  24. Messy progress page after cycling

    Hi, First of all, thank you to the entire IXEG team as this is an amazing aircraft to fly. I'm facing a small bug in version 1.2. When I hit "Next Page" a few times to cycle through the Progress pages, I end up with a pretty mangled progress page. It looks like the CDU screen isn't getting cleared properly between page switches. I've been able to reproduce this in all flights I've done recently. Thank you. Nuno
  25. Skymaxx pro error

    Delete theses files and update your license; X-Plane / X-Aviation / license_db.bin X-Plane / X-Aviation / marker.1
  26. IXEG 737 activation failure - gatekeeper.lua.gfys

    The license db format was updated. No error on your end, just a missed bug on my end apparently. Thankfully the fix is simple enough.
  27. Skymaxx pro error

    Dear Community, i get an error on x-plane 11. i´ve tried to reinstall but the error is still there. see image. any idea / help? regards, pepe
  28. IXEG 737 activation failure - gatekeeper.lua.gfys

    That worked, thank you! What did I do to cause this?
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