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  2. Have you enabled " Ground handling " from the plugin menu for this aircraft? Inviato dal mio SM-T719 utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. IXEG 737 Auto Pilot Pitch Modes Not Working

    do you use external hardware joystick/yoke? seems your hardware is sending noise signals from the potentiometers overriding AP. If you look at your PFD annunciators the aircraft is probably entering CWS P yellowed mode Go to ixeg left side menu, move your CWS nullzone slider all the way to the right, this will prevent AP disconnecting when your hardware sends noise spikes
  4. Hey, I'm desperate here. I've been trying to solve this prob;em for 3 days now. My pitch modes for my autopilot disengage as soon as I hit the CMD A or B A/P engage button. I've tried disabling XUIPC and rebooting GIZMO64 about 10 times, and the issue still presides. Bear into mind, I've entered all of my route and performance information correctly, and all my pitch modes are working until I engage the autopilot. The weird part is that my pitch modes only work if I start my flight mid air, but every time I leave the ground, the pitch modes including VNAV, VS, FLCH disengage as soon as the A/P is engaged. I've tried all possible solutions including reinstalling my IXEG 737, but nothing is working. Please help.
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  6. Livery List

    No worries at all … I understand very well that you did the liveries of the company for which you father flew. I am mostly doing liveries of Scandinavian companies (a series of SAAB 340 which I should post) and have no familiar connexion to flight. There a several liveries of Falcon Air, Natfalken, variations with the postal logo in blue on yellow… I enjoyed my years in Sweden, where I took a doctors degree in humanities.
  7. Livery List

    Hey Kickremi, No worries. No conflict was intended......My Dad flew the -300's with Falcon for a bit in the late 90's, and I've always included them all the sims, weather FS2004/FSX(737 Pilot in Command), and now in XPlane. Apologies if It seemed like I was barging in. You've done a fine job on both the Falcon and the Privat Air birds, by the way.
  8. Hi My Groundhandling Deluxe works very very well. Except when I want to fly with my IXEG B737. I have the set Boeing737-300Pu.set but Groundhandling does not work with this plane. I can also not call the "control panel" (no pop up). Nothing happens. The "Built Aircarft set" pop ups and I can work with them. But also after that I have no Groundhandling for this aircraft. Very strange situation. I hope that somebody can help me or give me a tip. I'm grateful for any help. Regards d'Hondt
  9. RTO engages parking brake

    I belive that is how X-Plane handle RTO. Its not custom made for the 733.
  10. RTO engages parking brake

    Hi, if I do an RTO the parking brake gets activated. Is this normal? Best Jens
  11. Livery List

    Thank you JCJimmy … It is always a pleasure to do such a work when you just avoided a major failure on your computer. It is not nice to loose a backup drive… Pictures taken in X-Plane 11 so the reflection on the model not on the livery …
  12. Light test question

    @Litjan Any news so far?
  13. KEY expired help needed.

    You are right regarding the response time and i am sorry about that. I have been busy and thought it was longer.
  14. Livery List

    Page one says there are 367 liveries (and growing). Wow! Outstanding participation by the various artists. Thanks for your work.
  15. Livery List

    Here is my version of the Falcon Air. JAFO I think we are on the same project, but I mentioned already tow posts above yours that I was working on it. A friendly competition…
  16. Livery List

    Hey Simolar, Currently working on a Falcon Air Livery, and will try the livery with the lower blue fuselage. Still working on the rear fuselage cheat, but here what i have so far far NB :Having problems getting a 'reflective' surface on the main fuselage, the nacelles are alight. any help would very much appreciated.
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  18. Sun reflection offset on water surface

    Laminar needs to create an astronomical model that simulates some known time before we can match it exactly.
  19. KEY expired help needed.

    This was inaccurate. You received a response within the 3-day window. RealScenery products are on a premium bandwidth server, with the access fee we receive passed on to you. Small price for not having backed up your software. As per our policy, all other products are unlimited downloads.
  20. IXEG 737 log txt

    It seems you moved out planemaker.exe You can make a shorcut anywhere, but you can't move the executable file out of the x-plane folder.
  21. Wingman Plugin development kit

    site closed for maintenance. when you try to access the links.
  22. KEY expired help needed.

    Well i am a bit shocked to say the least. I received an email with a link to re-download but with a 5 Dollar charge, i don't think i will be bothering.
  23. Re-buy?

    No, they've promised us a free upgrade for a long time now
  24. Sun reflection offset on water surface

    So, in the end, who should look up for a fix to this issue? X-Aviation or Laminar ? Your sky model is beautiful and it would be great to get that fix, instead of disabling it to default sky colors.
  25. TOC after Stepclimb

    Thanks Jan, good to know. I'll try today afternoon ;-) Gesendet von meinem SM-T810 mit Tapatalk
  26. TOC after Stepclimb

    Hi Oliver, the T/C is calculated when you press the EXEC button - and then it remains static, even if the airplane climbs much better (or worse) than expected. It is rare to reach the top of climb at exactly the precalculated point in the real airplane. Whenever you do a recalculation (like flying direct to a waypoint, entering a new climb speed, etc.) that requires you to hit the EXEC button, the T/C will be recalculated. In the real plane the T/C symbol will also disappear as you fly past it, this does not happen (yet) on our model. Cheers Jan
  27. Graphical CDU issue

    Thanks for the info - the PROGRESS page is pretty much a work in progress and will be improved and finalized in a future FMS overhaul. Cheers, Jan
  28. Graphical CDU issue

    Hello together, I have this issue with the CDU: If I use the "PREV PAGE" button, the issue does not occur. Regards Jens
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