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  2. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    In the US approaches change quickly off a star, (ex. SERFR2 MENLO ILS28L changes to MENLO ILS28R.) When programming it into the FMC I get a gizmo crash and both fmcs are useless. The plane then becomes overweight. Flaps 40 VREF of, ex. 128 then lands at 155, any lower it stalls. Had to divert from shorter fields to larger airports because of it. (Ex. BUR divert to LAX). Please let me know if you need more info
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  4. Next update

    Tkyler explained in this thread the reason for the long delay, and I can understand that the 737CL is a secondary business, but it is a business none the less. Once you hang out your shingle, and release a product, it's not unreasonable to expect it to be supported. Once you take another persons money for a product or service, the reasons for not having enough time to support the product or service really don't matter to the buyers. So, I can see avantime's point for sure, and I think it's a very valid one. On the other hand, for me, I guess I just don't care that much about it to get worked up. I too came from MSFS, so I didn't realize that the payware world was "different" in X-Plane, to put it politely. I'm still enjoying the 737, and will roll with the punches. Tim
  5. Next update

    Mine had too many bugs... and whenever I wanted to beta test her she kept on crashing.
  6. Busy day at work.

    Nothing is like a challenging landing.. The Captain "..maximum crosswind limit steady, gust plus steady and gust in one...FULL FORCE column deflections was reqired...I LOVE Boeing 737 for it's stability in severe conditions"
  7. Next update

    Laughing so hard at this. LOL! Thanks for that.
  8. Next update

    Who says $75 is our final price?
  9. Next update

    some of us did.
  10. Hi, I was having some fun today trying to imitate a video that was quite popular on youtube ( using the IXEG 737 . I intentionally applied reverse thrust below 10ft above the ground (which is possible in the real 737 and also in the IXEG 737). Good job, IXEG Greetings, Julius
  11. Next update

    Coming from FSX, I can see that it's very prevalent for X-plane developers to release unfinished addons, but at full price. It's business practices like this that turns away returning customers, because people are left stranded waiting for patches for months, if not 1+ year, with no ability to get a refund. $75 is a lot of money for an addon and customers are right to expect patches in a reasonable timeframe. For me it's the the lack of cabin night lighting (it's like flying a ghost plane at night), PROG page and FMC crashes that really bugs me.
  12. Next update

    I'm beta testing a woman right now. Once that process is done, I'll commit to a release date.
  13. Next update

    And what is stopping you?
  14. Next update

    I could've conceived a child in the time it has taken for IXEG to release a patch. You don't have to remind them to take their time.
  15. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    When the Linux plugin is eventually made available it is unlikely that X-Aviation will choose to support it "officially". According to your post history you've been using the IXEG since January with XP10, and an older computer.
  16. I've actually been looking into this more lately. On a Mac I've been able to reproduce something like this if I write code that changes the currently active texture in OpenGL without telling X-Plane about it, or without putting it back to what it was. Our next release will have additional protection to make sure SMP cannot do this, but interactions with other plugins or add-ons could also cause this sort of thing.
  17. Oh, got it. That setting should have no effect when SMP is active. At any rate, I'm glad you got it sorted out!
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  19. SkyMaxx Pro 4 on XP11 - no clouds, just blocky matrices

    I'm getting the blocks more often now. Often have to disable SkyMaxx Pro. Also, this problem creates a few other graphic anomalies which I'd never seen in v3. I hope v4.1 cures this, else I will revert to v3.....
  20. Radio panel COM1/2 & DataRef / Command

    I think it is because the "ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_right_mhz" is a manipulator dataref, so you have to take the current value of the dataref and either add or subtract 1 for the dial to turn. There isn't really any meaningful value contained in this dataref... it goes from 0 to 19 but it's just an arbitrary value. You might be able to use the following as well... XPDref("ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_right_mhz", GetData(190) + 1) The GetData(190) will retrieve the current value of the #190 dataref from your config file. Theoretically it should do the same as the SimInput(190) solution... (I'm once again just guessing)
  21. Cool addons for the IXEG:

    For external instruments and radio stuff - if you have a second monitor, I find Air Manager is very powerful. Cheaper than an iPad, though.
  22. Thanks for the information mmerelles I know that there is a difference between DataRef and Command. But in this case, I must admit that this is not very clear to me yet. I tried to write a value to the DataRef with XPDref ("ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_right_mhz", counter); it didn't work. (counter was a value between 0 and 19) If I use a custom command in the in_1.cfg file like C190 ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_right_khz 1+ and call it from arduino with SimInput(190); then it works. So why does one work and not the other? I can see that sending a value between 0-19 doesn't tell X-Plane which way to turn the knob while +1/-1 does.
  23. Radio panel COM1/2 & DataRef / Command

    This will not work ever because this is to map a custom command. Custom commands are actions they do not accept any parameter. This works because you are actually declaring as a dataref and sending a +1 value to whatever the memory position is holding.
  24. I found out why it didn't work: It is something related to ArdSim plugin/interface if I use XPCmnd("ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_right_khz 1+"); from Arduino, it doesn't work. If I use a custom command in the in_1.cfg file like C190 ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_right_khz 1+ and call it from arduino with SimInput(190); then it works.
  25. Radio panel COM1/2 & DataRef / Command

    You're welcome... Yes, I know that... but you still need to map it as a custom command to be able to bind it to a joystick button etc. Can be a bit confusing at times... Thanks for your input.
  26. Radio panel COM1/2 & DataRef / Command

    Guys all those you were discussing above such us 'ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_left_mhz' are datarefs not custom commands. Your software interface (flywithlua, Ardsim or whatever you use) are required to write a +1 to increase to mimic rotating right and -1 to go backwards rotate left.
  27. No wait, it is working :-))))) I will check what I did wrong the first time. Thanks again jfjoubert
  28. Yes I have tried "C1 ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_left_khz 1+" also but nothing happens. Hmmm, I am running out of idea... Anyway, thanks for your time jfjoubert, I appreciate :-)
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