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  2. Thanks Bruce. Log files have the data I need. Will re-work the code in question again...... Frustrating but such is life. Cheers, br.
  3. Hi Ben, removed previous gizmo and replaced it with Gizmo64 v18.02.24.1900 Windows. Still getting a bug report however. See attached Log txts. for details. regards, Bruce GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  4. [FAQ]Solution to freeze and stutter using FMC

    Yes - please follow the advice posted here: Jan
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  6. [FAQ]Solution to freeze and stutter using FMC

    Jan; I’m experiencing a similar FMC issue, I’ll be flying along at regular 40-60 frame rate and all is normal, the moment I make any new imput into the FMC the sim is reduced to a grinding haul of 2-3 frame rate that persists until I restart the sim. So I fly without making any change to the FMC. Could this issue I’m experiencing be associated with that Window Defender?
  7. [Solved]KIAD HYPER7 Arrival missing fixes

    Labelled as solved, but my question is: what's the problem, ixeg interpreting Aerosoft data or Aerosoft data themselves? Tx.
  8. Sorry, but the IXEG sound menu is the one inside the preference? Only master and cockpit sound vòlume? Inviato dal mio SM-T719 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. I know about Jans philosphy "what is not in the real plane should not be in the sim". Might be ok for some popup instruments,but what IS in the real plane and what I miss from my Jarbus is the copilot supporting me with checklist readings. I am not the best pilot in this airspace and most of the flights I miss so much things that could be avoided this way. Forget about doors opening or not and better looking materials, I need help here
  10. Because we use our own sound engine. Use the IXEG sounds menu.
  11. The bug is solved also for me ! But I have noted this problem ( I don't think was present before the update ) : The sound setting in X-Plane menu don't have any effect on the IXEG sounds : I can increase or decrease the exterior/interior/enviroment sound level, but I don't listen to any sound variation during the flight.
  12. Engine failure after V1

    I think this is a combination of several things. - Failed engine goes from full to 0 thrust in split of a second, probably not realistic, more likely would get a bit more time (spool down) in real to correct with the rudder in most cases. - At that speed there is very little side friction (weight) left on the nosegear (plus x-plane has a friction weakness we call "creep", long story) - You are using full engine TO thrust (not normally used) which will give the most problems, but it should off course be able to handle that. - Not sure what your elevator trim was but I assume it was in the green band. So thanks for reporting it, we might be able to do something about 1 and 2, but this is more Laminar territory, but we will put it on the list of things to look into.
  13. The bug is solved !!!! Tests: Run X-Plane 11.20vr3 Load default C172 Load IXEG -> OK Load FF320 Load IXEG -> OK Load Aerobask Panthera Load IXEG -> OK All tests without restarting XP Great job @Ben Russell I send you some beers Make a backup of the previous one in another place. Remove the old Gizmo in XP and replace it with the new one. Do not copy over the old gizmo
  14. replace old file? you mean delete the old one and put the new one or copy over the old gizmo?
  15. [Solved]KIAD HYPER7 Arrival missing fixes

    Ok, thanks Claude for checking. Seems that Navigraph is getting it right (or that IXEG is reading Navigraph data correctly).
  16. For sure, it is. I can confirm.
  17. [Solved]KIAD HYPER7 Arrival missing fixes

    Sorry Cris, i miss the correct arrival. Anyway, i have no problem with Hyper 7.
  18. Tuning Comm Problem

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased the MU-2 and it is awesome. However, as I fly it on PilotEdge, I notice I cannot tune the decimal of a comm frequency under .10. If I pull the knob it goes to .75. Is this common or is it just me? There are many ATC positions with a .02, .05, or .07. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you, Chazzerz17
  19. Engine failure after V1

    Hi! Any ideas? Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  20. Last week
  21. [Solved]KIAD HYPER7 Arrival missing fixes

    Thanks @daemotron for your help. NavdataPro is structured differently, Runway Transition is set apart from the main STAR, but I don't see particular issues here: <Star Name="HYPER7" Runways="01C,01L,01R,19C,19L,19R"> <Star_Waypoint ID="0"> <Name>DELRO</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.965475</Latitude> <Longitude>-76.625344</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>0</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </Star_Waypoint> <Star_Waypoint ID="1"> <Name>LIRCH</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.826767</Latitude> <Longitude>-76.922231</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>14000</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </Star_Waypoint> <Star_Waypoint ID="2"> <Name>BINNS</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.785061</Latitude> <Longitude>-77.010994</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>0</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </Star_Waypoint> <Star_Waypoint ID="3"> <Name>HYPER</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.683933</Latitude> <Longitude>-77.225094</Longitude> <Speed>250</Speed> <Altitude>10000</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </Star_Waypoint> <RunwayTransition Runway="19C"> <RwyTr_Waypoint ID="0"> <Name>COVUR</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.359072</Latitude> <Longitude>-77.453469</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>7000</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </RwyTr_Waypoint> <RwyTr_Waypoint ID="1"> <Name>DIMKE</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.309106</Latitude> <Longitude>-77.454383</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>0</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </RwyTr_Waypoint> <RwyTr_Waypoint ID="2"> <Name>HOOSR</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.226192</Latitude> <Longitude>-77.455597</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>0</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </RwyTr_Waypoint> </RunwayTransition> The fact is that those waypoints (LIRCH, BINNS, HYPER) are never used (or they get overwritten by other transitions) in the approach sequence. Only devs know how the Approach code is interpreted by the FMC and if any issues exist either on IXEG or Aerosoft side. Cris
  22. In 1.2 VNAV does't work. Simple approaches, complex approaches it doesn't matter - it hangs at the wrong altitude at the most easiest descend profiles. It should be deferred, placard, and logged as inop
  23. [Solved]KIAD HYPER7 Arrival missing fixes

    @crisk73 maybe you could check the file "Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic\fmc_data\SidStar\KIAD.xml" - it describes the waypoints of the procedure and is read by the FMS. In the Navigraph file, the STAR you selected is defined like this: <Star Name="HYPER7.19C" Runways="19C"> <Star_Waypoint ID="1"> <Name>DELRO</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.965475</Latitude> <Longitude>-76.625344</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>0</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </Star_Waypoint> <Star_Waypoint ID="2"> <Name>LIRCH</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.826767</Latitude> <Longitude>-76.922231</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>14000</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </Star_Waypoint> <Star_Waypoint ID="3"> <Name>BINNS</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.785061</Latitude> <Longitude>-77.010994</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>0</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </Star_Waypoint> <Star_Waypoint ID="4"> <Name>HYPER</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.683933</Latitude> <Longitude>-77.225094</Longitude> <Speed>250</Speed> <Altitude>10000</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </Star_Waypoint> <Star_Waypoint ID="5"> <Name>COVUR</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.359072</Latitude> <Longitude>-77.453469</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>7000</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </Star_Waypoint> <Star_Waypoint ID="6"> <Name>DIMKE</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.309106</Latitude> <Longitude>-77.454383</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>0</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </Star_Waypoint> <Star_Waypoint ID="7"> <Name>HOOSR</Name> <Type>Normal</Type> <Latitude>39.226192</Latitude> <Longitude>-77.455597</Longitude> <Speed>0</Speed> <Altitude>0</Altitude> <AltitudeCons>0</AltitudeCons> <AltitudeRestriction>at</AltitudeRestriction> <Flytype>Fly-by</Flytype> <BankLimit>25</BankLimit> <Sp_Turn>Auto</Sp_Turn> </Star_Waypoint> (skipping the transition part here). Can you check whether in the NavDataPro variant, the waypoints are defined in the same manner? Could also just be a semantic issue (tag not properly closed or similar), but I don't have the NDP files for comparison...
  24. [Solved]KIAD HYPER7 Arrival missing fixes

    Mmm.. Claude, good catch thanks! And I thought that Aerosoft worked better with the IXEG than Navigraph... I had previously flown the same leg with other aircraft (same navdata) and it worked fine. I'll check in the IXEG format if something is broken. Another reason to switch to Navigraph when my yearly Aeresoft subscription expires.
  25. the glideslope will capture at 2/5th dot deviation - no matter if you are above or below. You CAN actually capture the glideslope coming from above, it´s just pretty hard because the airplane needs to descend fairly steep to capture it. The other prerequisites are "LOC captured" and heading within 110 degrees (or so) of inbound course (so you don´t capture an erroneous glideslope by accident on a backcourse loc approach). Jan
  26. [Solved]KIAD HYPER7 Arrival missing fixes

    Hi Christiano, Some pictures (Navigraph). Could be Aerosoft Navdata? Claudio.
  27. Hi, herewith to report an issue I've run into while flying my KJFK-KIAD leg on VATSIM. The controller gave me a constraint over a waypoint I wasn't able to find in the flightplan, with the Arrival-Transition-Approach already selected in the FMC. After I've found that the HYPER SEVEN arrival at KIAD is not correctly read by the FMC as some published waypoints (which were relevant to the above ATC instructions) are actually missing. From point DELRO a straight line to COVUR is drawn for the ILS Rwy19C approach, while the fixes LIRCH, BINNS and HYPER are left out from the star depiction. My flightplan: KJFK KENNEDY FOUR RBV.HYPER SEVEN ILS RWY19C KIAD - FL240 Using Aerosoft NavDataPro cycle 1802. IXEG_FMS_debug.txt Thanks for your attention. Cris
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