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  2. Gizmo crash

    Hello, Long time haven't flown the bird. I have had 2 good flights this week but for some reason the last one wasn't that lucky... for some reason I got this window with gizmo log of something wrong... Then tried to execute thing and it didn't executed and I had to reboot. can some one shed a light here? cheers! GizmoLog.txt
  3. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Definitely still weeks away. I wish it wasn´t so, but claiming it would be shorter would be leading you guys on. Jan
  4. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    No promises - but I hope so!
  5. CTD with SMP4 running

    Sorry, i lost that log, but also spend too much time (some 12 hrs) to find the solution to repeat the CTD. I think I will stay with SMP 3.3.2 on XP10 and will be using SMP 4.01 on XP11. Thank you for a better sky for X-plane BTW: In the past FPS were far superior to default clouds - on XP11pb6 SMP4 seems to be 2-3 frames slower....
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  7. Hi all, a new video!
  8. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    really,really impressed with this forth coming update!! Great work everyone!
  9. SkyMaxx Pro v4 Announcement!

    I don't even know who are, and I don't care if anyone uses xEnviro. No one gets their downloads or activations locked for using it either. That is a bold face lie. Either you have shared files or your downloads simply expired and you didn't backup your software. You sending "infinite" emails will ensure you don't get a reply though.
  10. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Does this mean version 1.1 is still likely weeks away?
  11. SkyMaxx Pro v4 Announcement!

    I was always an enthusiastic SMP user and I bought so much at x-aviation. But since I've recommended x-enviro, X-aviation has locked all my downloads and does not turn them free. I have sent infinite emails to release. That is the real face of X-aviation. Criticism is not appropriate here that will be immediately eliminated as in the old GDR.
  12. CTD with SMP4 running

    Can we see your log.txt following the crash? That would tell us if SMP is to blame. I don't think it is; we have thousands of customers using SMP4 without issue. But you may have increased SMP 4's settings to the point that it's causing your sim to run out of memory or something - or it may be interacting with another add-on that is corrupting the memory used by SMP4.
  13. Cloud entrance effect and illumination problem on multiple views

    Any PC that is displaying clouds on a monitor used for your sim should have SkyMaxx Pro installed.
  14. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Thanks for the list. The thing I like the most of you is your availability and communication with your users and customers. You should be an example to other manufacturers. Thank you again Bye
  15. CTD with SMP4 running

    Well I finished the f4,5 hrs flight without a CTD since reverted to SMP 3.3.2 on XP10.51. Definitely there is a bug in SMP 4.1 which made me CTD 5 times in a row on the same route(CYYZ-MMMX) with the same plane FF B767. Cheers PS.Maybe SMP4 works better with XP11pb6?
  16. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Thanks for the list, It does look good! I am however missing one feature on the list, hence my question: Are we going to get a cabin that lights up with V 1.1? I personally do not need a fully modelled cabin, but I would love to see the cabin finally lit. Its always weird to have a plane flying trough the night without any interior light what so ever... Best regards, Nils
  17. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Since XP11 pb5, i now get CTD When flying the ixeg Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  18. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Nice to see this list. Many things to look forward to for sure. I'm normally a "whenever it gets here, it gets here" kind of person, but for some reason, I'm really itching to get this update sooner than later. I guess it's because I enjoy the aircraft so much, that I want it to be even better. The only drawback for me right now is VASTSIM flying where you might get a re-route, and have to revert to /A navigation. I hope the update goes a long way in shoring up the FMC in this area. Tim
  19. Bell UH-1 Huey

    Hi Cameron ! May I ask, 6 years later, where is that Huey ? Cheers ;-)
  20. Be patient. The devs are working on an update of the VNAV experience ... As Jan points out, the VNAV calculation is only able to handle very basic scenarios for now.
  21. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    I can almost feel the plane:) I guess it comes out really soon(?)
  22. Cloud entrance effect and illumination problem on multiple views

    Thank you Sundog. I'll do what you suggested. Do you suggest to keep Skymaxx installed on the Server (which commands all the clients) or it is not necessary?
  23. CTD with SMP4 running

    No, it was not me .In ca.5 hours I will have the answer. My friend has done the route without SMP....
  24. CTD with SMP4 running

    Don't know if you're the same person who was describing something similar on Facebook yesterday, but his issue turned out to be a bad Internet connection. His ISP's DNS wasn't working, which was leading to the METAR information being download getting corrupted whenever weather updated. In his case, rebooting his PC cleared it up.
  25. CTD with SMP4 running

    Well , I had several CTD recently on xp 10.51 with SMP4 and I am now reverting to 3.3.2 to see the results.
  26. Problem with FMS descent

    Thank you for the detailed report. I am unhappy to say that our VNAV calculation is only able to handle very basic scenarios for now. If you have restrictions on your descent path, you are well advised to use FL CHG or V/S modes to meet them (like most real pilots do, too). We are planning to update VNAV to provide a more robust functionality (as we learned that this is of utmost importance to simulator pilots ). Unfortunately VNAV is a very complex structure, and getting it right is not trivial at all - so it will be a while. Cheers, Jan
  27. Problem with FMS descent

    I have issues with the T/D and descent profile of the FMS. If the FP doesnt contain a FIX between the T/D one normally would expect (about 60miles before the destination), the FMS places the T/D shortly before the last FIX (even if its still 200miles to destination) and starts the descent. It descents then to 10.000ft, holds this altitude to the destination and continues the descent when apropriate. Last example i have was the flight from MTPP to TXKF over ETBOD UB891 PTA M596 NUBUS L459 TALSU L458 BDA. Last FIX before BDA (target altitude set by FMS 8453ft) is GECAL. Cruise altitude was FL350. The FMS places the T/D short before GECAL, the FIX gets an altitude set by FMS of FL284. The airplane descents to 10.000ft, the vertical deviation value on the FMS then starts to rise even higher then current altitude (so if we would follow its path we would dive into ocean). Later the vertical deviation value resets to 25.000ft (CRZ alt minus current alt) and decreases again while the plane continues to fly at 10.000ft. Short before BDA it resets again to 0 and then the plane follows the descent path one normaly would expect. Please let me know if you need further informations. greetz, Enrico
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