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  2. Cockpit flashing in the storm

    What?? check this
  3. Fog layer disappears?

    Hi folks, Flying out of Portland there was a beautiful fog layer as the weather depicted. However, about 1000ft after take-off that whole layer disappeared? Is this an X-Plane issue? Also, I notice there appears to be no visibility haze in the distance also during clear weather? Can someone elaborate? Thank you so much.
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  6. Question about IXEG 737

    No doubt it works. Thanks for the video
  7. 737 suddenly crashes every time

    Use BetterPushback instead. Best Plugin ever! Works well with the "Ole Lady" ;-) Gesendet von meinem SM-G925F mit Tapatalk
  8. 737 suddenly crashes every time

    I'm thinking to remove JD ground services since I don't use it at all. Other than that I don't think I install anything new since crashes have become frequent
  9. Dear IXEG team, I can see, if I understand right, that X-plane version 11.10 will extend the possibility for external display of instruments (pop-up window) on other screen. My question is: Will IXEG implement this feature in a near future in order to allow cockpit builders to have PFD/EHSI on a separate screen. XHSI is a nice plugin but many things are not shown on PFD and EHSI doesn't show any route. Thanks Sylvain
  10. [Merged] XP11.10 BETA ISSUES

    I've noticed that since XP11.1, when you start the APU, you can hear a default xplane engine sound (horrible synthetic noise) spool up on top of the IXEG APU startup sound. This is from inside the cockpit. Anyone can confirm this too? Or was this always there and I never noticed it? Regards, Vital Vanbeginne
  11. Cockpit flashing in the storm

    I have never seen that!
  12. Cockpit flashing in the storm

    OK, thank you! ...and, what is this? (a card on windows)
  13. New Update of OC4BA_XP driver

    Ah, interesting! Thanks for the link! Jan
  14. X-Plane 11 Lighting and reflections

    nice one, great vid showing of what XP can do visually...still involved in testing on P3D but always I can't wait to get back to XP.....just need to sort out the flickering of some scenery...
  15. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Hello, I wish to know how to set up my joistick to have a good control of the plane, as sensitivity and null zones, because i just noticed that the airplanes especially when on the ground during take off and after landing, with the rudder control is over responding, deviating a lot from the center line with just a small action on the rudder (small rudder correction with joistick means a big answer from the plane deviation) little bit hard to control. So how can I improve my joistick settings, actually i'm using the Speedlink Black Widow joistick. Thanks a lot for the support, have a nice flights. Andrea
  16. Training Video's

    Google "Coffin Corner" and you will understand what went wrong M
  17. Sorry, its a misunderstanding I was reacting on the quoted part about expecting or not expecting explanations from other moderators and I assumed Tony expected them ( the explanations from other moderators) here. It has noting to do with the issue what this thread is about, it was more about expecting moderators explaining their actions on their fora, on other fora, the moment this came across in this discussion.
  18. This post was not even necessary or contributionary, and totally takes the post you are responding to out of context. No one said anything about an explanation needing to be posted on this site. Nicolas should address this. It does not matter where. The X-Plane world is small enough that people will see the response either here, there, or on the reddit thread.
  19. How to get an solid overcast for IFR?

    SkyMaxx Pro doesn't actually affect X-Plane's visibility effects in any way. All it does is draw the sky and clouds. So yes, I would guess there was some sort of update in the visibility in the underlying weather data there.
  20. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    We have sent through the email you gave us a checklist.
  21. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Hey there airfighter, thanks for the Avanti! However I could not turn on the AP in XP11 and couldn't get the engines to run up from cold and dark. Is there a manual somewhere as it's not in the aircraft folder.
  22. New Update of OC4BA_XP driver

    Thanks for your replay. Then the udate goes without this feature enabled for the MCP. The OC4BA_XP driver lets you use Opencockpits hardware modules MCP, EFIS1, COM1, NAV1, ADF1 and ATC ) . More hardware modules will be added later this year. More info here:
  23. Training Video's

    If you are interested (hope it is okay to reference back to youtube). By no means a tutorial, but I do talk a lot (and the dog get's his bark in too)! Append to the end of /watch?v=H3LjOhCWifI /watch?v=8kPSX8qRnMo - Carl
  24. I agree its not likely to happen. Do you really like to see moderators from other forums , tellng here of misbehaving visitors on their forum? And explaining why they took action agains certain persons? Speaking for myself, it will not happen from my side.
  25. New Update of OC4BA_XP driver

    I would if I had any idea what you are talking about . Never heard of that driver. As for the dataref, no, I don´t think there is any dataref for those symbols. Jan
  26. New Update of OC4BA_XP driver

    Could someone from IXEG support either say Yes or No to my question?
  27. Cockpit flashing in the storm

    So I would suggest either waiting for XP11.10 to go final (I think the flashing is something you can probably live with for a while) or make a new copy of your X-Plane installation (just copy and paste) and then update only this new copy to the beta... Cheers, Jan
  28. Cockpit flashing in the storm

    Thank you. I do not use any plugins. I had Skymaxx Pro, but I uninstalled it. I'd try the beta version, but I'm afraid the simulator would not be so smooth or buggy.
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