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  3. How to get an solid overcast for IFR?

    After experimenting with SMP settings and default weather with limited success, I thought it might be more effective to dim the runway lights so they’re harder to see. I think they’re mostly too bright anyway, but i made a very very short lua script that edits the dataref responsible for runway light brightness at all airports. I can post it later if anybody cares. Also i like it because at night the airports don’t stand out quite so much from the other city lights (makes you look at your instruments!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    You are welcome to suggest any. If it is technically possible I can implement them.
  5. weird clouds , flat

    I’ve been seeing the same thing. I had the NOAA plugin but i’ve since deleted it — did re-installing RWC fix this, boeing? I like using stratoform settings to practice instruments so i don’t want to write them off as unusable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Gizmo update [May 2017]

    Hi Cameron, Thanks for the swift response. I would like to use the blueyonder one please. Danny
  7. Gizmo update [May 2017]

    The problem is that you have two accounts with us. One is a ****** and the other is ****** We only allow you to have one account. Which one would you like to keep so I can merge your orders into one and tidy this up for you?
  8. Xponder panel graphics

    I'm aware, but thanks again all the same.
  9. Xponder panel graphics

    There should be a livery manager in the aircraft directory, so you don't need to re-run the installer in this case.
  10. Xponder panel graphics

    This occurred to me, yet also strikes me as kind of a strange (non-standard) protocol; e.g., suppose all I want to do is download some liveries that I bypassed on a previous install? On the other hand, if I select nothing then it seems that what should happen is nothing; i.e., the installer simply terminates. At any rate, thanks for your suggestion.
  11. Xponder panel graphics

    I believe it's actually preselected (being the base package) and just greyed out in order to not let the user de-select it by mistake.
  12. Xponder panel graphics

    Just checking in to see if the graphics resolution issue reported above had been investigated. Today it occurred to me to re-download the 340 from X-Aviation. However when I ran the installer the option to download the passenger version was disabled (ghosted out so I could not select it). Any idea what's going on with this? EDIT: While the passenger variant was not selected in the installer, it seems to have installed anyway. Also, upon first inspection this seems to have resolved the text resolution problem reported earlier; I will report back in the event that it reappears again in the future. While I'm at it, I wanted check the status on a couple of promised updates to the current v1.4.1 version for XP10. First, I am still hoping for an update (or patch) to fix the altimeter problem with the cargo variant (the primary altimeter stops incrementing at or above 10K feet, whereas the standby continues to record the correct altitude above 10K ft -- this seems to be a function that got broken in the v1.4.1 update, as it always worked fine for me prior to that update). Second is that I am rather hoping for a keyboard assignment for the nose wheel tiller on/off function (this can be quite difficult to locate and operate while keeping one's eyes on the runway during landing). I would be just as happy if the tiller control worked as toggle; i.e., on/off with a single mouse click (as opposed to click-and-drag). Finally there is the issue with the course selector (I've forgotten the details, but it's documented somewhere in this forum). Thanks.
  13. Tying up loose ends RE: 787-8.

    Hi there i've been looking for a good 787-8 for a long *** time and was wondering if you could post the plane in it's current state? If not that's ok *) too!
  14. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    The problems with liveries are that, first main focus is, in my limited time, aircraft systems simulation, then build a new 3D object with new texture mapping, and second there was not a paintkit to start from, and the existed livery was "heavily painted" with a lot of "effects", so is very hard to be used to build new liveries. Given that, I started slowly building a new paintkit, while keeping the same texture map layout. It will be much more clean, to allow painters to add their own grunge. The aircraft is back in the factory (literally the image is from Villanova D'Albegna airport, Piaggio's base) and the primer paint for the fuselage is already on!
  15. FMC change in flight

    For what it's worth I personally _hate_ that this "Defender exclusion" is the solution we have to recommend. The main reasons we recommend this are; 1. The FMC code is still a work in progress. Tom is mostly responsible for this part of the project. It's a complicated beast and subject to major reworks as he learns more and fixes bugs. I could get in there and optimize all this away, breaking the code down from something an engineer has created to be "as correct as possible" into something that would run "as fast as possible". This might take me a few days or weeks depending on how long it takes me to understand the system and then re-verify that it works correctly through either automated tests or team playtesting. Then Tom might decide that the FMC code is all wrong and throw it away so that he can add more features or correct some critical flaw. ('cause lets be honest, the FMC has had more than its fair share of "Gizmo Errors" over the last year or so...) The end result is that we'd be back to another "engineers version" that's correct but probably slow again. Teaching Tom the depth of knowledge required to understand the requirements of a fast gaming loop and how to shard the work is also not really an option for either of us at this time. We have other commitments meaning that our time is genuinely better spent elsewhere. So, for now, I have to sit back and let him focus on the "as correct as possible" unti the point that the IXEG team decides that it's functionally complete. If they were to make this call tomorrow I would look at optimization immediately as this issue stinks from both a user experience perspective and a system security(placing an exclusion on the X-Plane folder means other plugins for other products will be ignored by Defender*) perspective. 2. Lua JIT. We use Lua JIT to run our systems code as fast as possible. The JIT engine marks a large block of RAM as write+exec.... it _must_ do this to be able to do it's job, that of translating Script into Machine Code on the fly. We could move to straight Lua and this issue would go away but frame rates would likely plummet. Something no one wants. Sometime in the future this will no longer be an issue. Thanks for using our products.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I bought and love this scenery. I have a question on rendering settings and this scenery. It looks like whenever I fly into your KSNA and don't have "Number of objects" set to high the terminal buildings don't show up in the scenery, only the jetbridges. I'd appreciate your advice on this. Thanks
  18. Gizmo update [May 2017]

    In the X-Plane folder you will find a file called Log.txt Please attach it to a forum post so that we can confirm which version of Gizmo you're using. Thanks.
  19. Gizmo update [May 2017]

    I am also having a problem with re-activation:- Trying to sign in with my username and password and getting "your machine is registered to a different user". Please advise!
  20. Online IVAO big event

    Thank you Jan
  21. Online IVAO big event

    Great footage, guys! Cheers, Jan
  22. Online IVAO big event

    Did the Ivao event from EBBR to LFBO with a friend (smartcopilot). Great event indeed. A perfect flight.
  23. Online IVAO big event

    Sounds very cool! We have had a Pilotedge event just past saturday as well Departing airports: Phoenix, Seatle and San Francisco Arriving airport: Salt Lake City within arrival time frame 2100 to 2130 ZULU. Around 100 jets arriving KSLC within 30 minutes window timeframe from different sources plus some GAs trying to land as well. Was a great event, pretty crowd airspace, but traffic load was handled so good by PE controllers. I just arrived straight in as planned to ILS34L having a southwest 737 parallel to me set for 34R during final approach and traffic everywhere on the ND/TCAS. Lot of ground operations upon arrival Once at the destination gate, i just sat there for a few minutes and tuned back tower freq. for listening workload pointing the camera to approach runways. Seeing those parallel bright light spots queued for landing felt so great
  24. Online IVAO big event

    Hello, I wanted to thank once again IXEG team for such a great aircraft and reliable to take part in event like "Crowded Skies" on IVAO which attended almost 3000 people this year:) Here are some screenshots from my route LIPZ-EHAM, enjoy :
  25. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    N481BR - google's image search If you don't have time, maybe someone like Cessnarox could do it
  26. FMC change in flight

    Man oh man... Thank you....
  27. FMC change in flight

    Windows defender is and was always the main problem. Despite antivirus issues having same behavior than windows defender. You need to go to windows defender configuration and set a FOLDER exemption for the entire /xplane 11/ root folder. note: it is a folder exemption for the entire xlpane root folder, not a file exemption.
  28. FMC change in flight

    Windows Defender is precisely what we address in these forums and is what's causing your issue. You need to make an exclusion as outlined in the sticky post.
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