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  2. Double Installation SkyMaxxPro

    Hi Cameron, thanks for your fast reply! Ok! But the installation of SkyMaxxPro und RWC is assigned to X-Plane 11 only. Are there a possibillty to assign the new versions of SkyMaxxPro and RWC to X-Plane 10 on the same PC? Thanks again! Rolf
  3. Pull to Set

    Until we start modeling failures in a future update - it will be!
  4. IXEG PFPX and Topcat

    Hi Gerard, yeah, I can see how that may confuse someone if only casually reading over the text. I hope that you will not be too disappointed with your purchase, though. I am sure that you could plan the flight with PFPX and then punch the routing into the FMS really quick. The 733 is not a long-haul aircraft, so entering lengthy routings is usually not necessary... Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with! Cheers, Jan
  5. Ok, found the problem. The authentication window is small.Not all of my e-mail address showed in it. I had keybounce on the "m" key. so what I could not see is that".com" was actually. ".comm"
  6. Thank you but that did not work.
  7. Double Installation SkyMaxxPro

    Rolf, The windows program folder is probably just from the actual install program. In X-Plane the older SkyMaxx Pro would have been deleted and overwritten. You can verify this by opening the SkyMaxx Pro configuration screen when you have X-Plane running. It will tell you the SkyMaxx Pro version number running.
  8. Double Installation SkyMaxxPro

    Hi all, I ordered the new version of SkyMaxxPro 4.6, because I missed it to update my previous version in time. I installed v4.6 in the assignment to X-Plane 11. The older version of SkyMaxxPro I installed in the assignment to X-Plane 10 a long time before. Now, there are two SkyMaxxPro software files in my windows programm folder. Will there be possibly conflicts caused by double installation? I would like to use the new version SkyMaxxPro with X-Plane 10 and 11 on the same PC. Should I deinstall the older SkyMaxxPro version and how can I regulate the assignment to X-Plane 10 and 11 after that? The same question and constellation concerns RWC, because I've to change from RWC 1.0 to 1.1. It would be nice to help me. Thanks Rolf
  9. It will not work at all in X-Plane 11.
  10. The search function is a magical thing. This has been answered numerous times. Go into your X-Plane/X-Aviation folder and delete the Marker.1 file, then restart X-Plane.
  11. IXEG PFPX and Topcat

    Hi Jan, This is the link to the product's description... and attached a screenshot. But sorry, my mistake... it's about AIRAC data, not flight planning... Cheers, Gerard
  12. Well, the "Why" is a Windows 10 update. I turned on my computer, and there was an automatic update. Now, I am being asked by X Plane to reload Gizmo. Mt IXEG 737 and A350 are unusable, as are the Challenger and Jetstream. How do I fix this?
  13. Thank you for the prompt reply. In light of your post, what is the 'unofficial' position on running the Cessna Corvalis TT in X-Plane 11? Is it a case of just not being tested under XP11 or are you aware of significate issues that prevent it operating under XP11? Regards
  14. DC-3 XP11 compatibility??

    Thank you for the prompt reply. Regards
  15. Graphic issue on FMS

    Hi Jan, I use the mouse wheel to zoom, when using the fmc. Using the zoom where necessary, I am able to configure the aircraft for full flights. But, you are correct that VR really, REALLY needs higher resolution for flight sim. That being said, I'm willing to put up with having to 'zoom' in on things like the fmc, in order to fly in VR. The submerssivenes is just too addicting. I'm figuring if I can tolerate VR at this level, it should only get better in the near future. I believe their are already 4K devices being developed such as the Pimax. - Bill
  16. Pull to Set

    Thank you Sir, Hope my MCP is as reliable as your.

    My Machine ID Locked by windows 10 update 1709 ?LICENSING , Wat kan y do
  18. LIPZ - Gizmo Soft Crash

    Hello together, if I do it like Crisk explained it, it works as expected. Thank you!
  19. Graphic issue on FMS

    Hi Bill, I like to use it in VR myself - but find that I can´t read the instruments and dials with enough precision - there simply is not enough resolution. The feeling of being in the cockpit is awesome, but to really use it professionally (for example the FMC) is not quite possible, in my opinion. Cheers, Jan
  20. Reflection displays

    Hi guys, lets not fight - thanks for defending us, Syl20, and gonvise, your concerns are duly noted! We are striving to put out 1.21 soon after 11.10 is finalized. Until then we try to get as much content and fixing into it as possible with the time available to the team-members in charge of their components. Cheers, Jan
  21. Pull to Set

    Hi guys, sparkie66 is right - pulling out this knob makes the orange speed cursor decouple from the value on the MCP and you can set it manually. This is useful in case the MCP fails in the real plane. For what it is worth, I never had to use this feature in 10 years of flying the real aircraft. The autopilot will continue to reference the MCP speed - it has no way of knowing where the "orange bug" is - it has no eyes . Cheers, Jan
  22. IXEG PFPX and Topcat

    Hi Gerard, can you point me to the part of the product page that says that the IXEG is compatible with PFPX, please? Cheers, Jan
  23. LIPZ - Gizmo Soft Crash

    Hi Sebastian, thanks for the detailed instructions on how to reproduce it. I believe that this crash is fixed for the next update already - I will test in a little bit. Also see if Crisk´s advice is helping you until we roll out 1.21. Cheers, Jan
  24. LIPZ - Gizmo Soft Crash

    LIPZ STAR system is somewhat quirky and the FMC can go nuts because of it if you do not select the exact mix of star, trans and approach. As a workaround until fmc code will be fixed to manage all the data correctly and "survive" crashes, you can try to insert the procedure in this order: 1) star 2) transition 3) approach 4) via and see if it works.
  25. Will it work in XP10 (without 11-excluisive features, of course)?
  26. TFFK Les grandes Porte Attitude Simulation

    Merci Eric! Much appreciated!! I hope you are enjoying this scenery, a lot of time went into this and I am glad to see people flying in it! Take Care! -Steaven
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