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  2. Adjust distance between clouds

    No, there's no way to adjust this as a user. My only advice would be to use Real Weather Connector when possible, as it does provide lower cloud densities for few, broken, and scattered conditions compared to custom weather mode (but only when real-world weather is active.) I have adjusted the custom weather settings to be consistent with RWC and real-world weather for our next release, however.
  3. Please take this with a smile: Have you ever thought of hiring Zibo for programming the fmc? He would have some fresh code By the way: The IXEG is my favorite aircraft- you´ve done a really great job!
  4. Training Video's

    It does allow external views in replay, you might just not see all animations. Sent from mTalk
  5. Training Video's

    YA BASTARDSSSS!!!! I DID IT! I did plan it in the FMS but I flew just as instructed. The left side HSI (?) on VOR/ILS and the right side on MAP just to check, and to guide me on the altitudes, cause I was a bit confused about that. Very very interesting, and so much more fun. I'll see if I can do a movie of the flight, but apparently the IXEG doesn't let you get out of the cockpit during replay. JAN! Is it possible? Thank you fellers, you made me one happy guitarist.
  6. Training Video's

    VERY quick on the radios...I'll do my best. Probably will end up in Alaska.
  7. Training Video's

    I know, JK. I've flown this two times on Pilotedge. Once for the rating (which was quite challenging), and once just for fun. It all comes down to being quick on the radios, the flying part is actually not that hard when you do the first short "legs" at moderate speeds. No one (other than ATC) says that you HAVE to fly 250 knots under 10,000 feet, you just can.
  8. Training Video's

    Thanks, Mathias, but...I'm already sweating and I didn't even start engines. Gimme a break. RMI....ha ha.
  9. Training Video's

    And to make it a bit more challenging, you should fly this just with the RMIs Here is a nice tutorial (watch it 2-3 times, then it becomes quite easily to understand):
  10. Training Video's

    This is way over my head, but it. I never flown in the US on XP. First time.
  11. Training Video's

    You can double check the narrative over the procedure's second page here: Depending the departure runway you select, check the climb and initial heading out you should comply. Then flying offline simulate ATC giving further clearance for turning towards VNY VOR and resume the departure procedure. at R-342 of LAX fly 038 to PMD (114.5) - or just fly 038 to PMD? first option is correct, second option does not matches the procedure because outbound radial VTU 046 does not matches inbound radial PMD 218 (038 TO). You have to fly VTU 046 until LANGE then switch to PDM 038 TO (R-218) note: small tip, don't let the aircraft accelerate keep it near 210-220 MAX otherwise cockpit overload may be an issue.
  12. Training Video's

    Ok, see if I got the departure right. KBUR to VNY then R-255 of VNY (113.1) then R-323 of LAX (113.6) then R-046 of VTU (108.2) at R-342 of LAX fly 038 to PMD (114.5) - or just fly 038 to PMD? at PMD fly 067 at R-170 of EDW (116.4) [or R-269 of VCV (109.05)] fly 058 to DAG (113.2) This is gonna be fun-ny.
  13. Training Video's

    You guys are right. It's actually a bit idiotic to plan the FMC, take off, engage AP and then go to the sofa with my guitar an coffee until descent and landing time. I'll follow your suggestions, thank you. By the way, the other day when "rotate" came, I had no pitch and roll. I only had power and trim. The plane took off by itself and I almost shat in mi pants until it crashed. My god. I remembered the JAL crash, the United 232 etc, what those guys faced for real. I just screamed (I take this very seriously, you know) and at one point just watched it go down. I'll try the VAN NUYS THREE. Wish me luck! Ha ha...
  14. Training Video's

    Thank you, I will do that and later I'll post my injuries here!
  15. Training Video's

  16. Hey, so I was a big fan of Skymaxx Pro, and I'm looking to buy the latest version again real soon! There's just one thing that I have a question about. Back in V3 or so, "few" and "scattered" cumulus in the X-Plane custom weather absolutely filled the sky to the brim with puffs. They look nice, but I would really like some extra spacing between clouds, just to better represent a clear day with only a few clouds or so. Has anything been done about that since then, or is there perhaps a tweak one could make themselves? Many thanks for any help!
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  18. Training Video's

    yup 100% agree.
  19. Training Video's

    Good one! Pretty much messed up. The good thing about US routes is that fixes are quite always obtainable from VOR radial interceptions so you can handle most of RNAV routes with VOR/DME only if you like the old school navigation. On the other hand in Europe most fixes are only detectable by gps coordinates so that RNAV equipment is essential to deal with the majority of routes (and maybe that's what they want it to happen).
  20. Training Video's

    If you want to have some fun try to fly KBUR to KLAS using old fashion VOR nav technique. Depart KBUR using SID VAN NUYS THREE transition DAG VNY3 DAG CRESO4 VAN NUYS THREE departure will put you to your paces. You will sweat guaranteed This procedure is part of Pilotedge rating I-5
  21. Training Video's

    It is actually pretty fun to fly non RNAV SID/STAR without programming the FMS. Just fly after the charts with VOR, radials etc. And you could use the FIX page on the FMS for the situational awareness. Challenging and fun when you are always used to programming the SIDs and STARs on the FMS, as me
  22. CTD Saab 1.4.1

    Yes, you can uninstall and re-install. I suggest you e-mail for guidance.
  23. Training Video's

    For what it´s worth, the plane is perfectly flyable without FMS and it´s navdata, too. I suggest to take a look at the training videos we ship with the product, they describe "basic" navigation in detail. Unless you fly online, having accurate navdata is really not such a big deal. Cheers, Jan
  24. Training Video's

    That would be great. Not expensive, but unfortunately I have no credit card with which I can make international purchases. ("How the hell did you buy the aircraft then??" - I hear you asking in your angry voice. I "borrowed" a friend's card. She didn't like it too much, but I simply had to have this baby). So...I'll be stuck in 1509. But that's not a problem. I'm a very beginner "pilot" with very beginner solitary flights. I'll try the circling procedure following Graeme's video and will probably land in the grass, so AIRAC is really not my worry. Thanks, Jan.
  25. Training Video's

    Hi - "delicious" is a first, I like it! It describes the feeling of flying the real aircraft very well, too ;-) There is really no way to legally update the navdata-cycle. But buying a single update isn´t terribly expensive (ca. 10 Euros). Maybe we can negotiate with Navigraph to include a slightly newer nav-data package with one of our future updates, we well see. Cheers, Jan
  26. Training Video's

    Hi, Jan, thanks for the response. Perfect, I'll do the flash thing, no problem. The "turn around" question was just a suspicion because - if I remember right - the flight when that error occurred started (the first flight) in the turn around mode (not cold & dark). But what you say about the consecutive flights code calculation makes more sense. It "smelled" like something like that. I can only imagine the complexity of these calculations. I'll be waiting for that overhaul with great anticipation. This plane is simply "delicious" (I'll bet no one ever used that adjective for the 737Classic). Meanwhile, my AIRAC cycle (inside IXEG 737 Classic\fmc_data\NavData) is 1509. Is there a way I can update that without Navigraph? Thank you.
  27. Training Video's

    Hi axmiha, the ability to do consecutive flights was added later in the run of our product - and it is a very complex procedure code-wise, resetting a lot of variables. It is also very hard to test, because obviously it takes a lot of time... So it is quite possible that you discovered a hidden bug in our calculation, somewhere, probably unique to your situation. We are planning to overhaul the whole VNAV calculation for a future update, especially to make the descent calculation more reliable. Therefore it would not much much sense to chase the quirk you encounter, as the whole architecture is going to change. As a workaround I recommend to "reboot" gizmo after you park. Just click the little "flash" symbol on the right pop-out menu, then set up your plane again for the next flight. As for your "turn around" mode problems, could you specify what you encounter? Cheers, Jan
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